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So after my 15 points...

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1So after my 15 points... Empty So after my 15 points... on Sun Oct 06 2013, 22:35


1) Sherman is still a joke as a play caller
2) Worst O line in the NFL and about to be the worst Oline in the HISTORY of the NFL which is great because Ireland just got an extension for his GREAT GMing and $ well spent along with very very good draft picks spent on this Oline. Such as getting bums on O line in the top 4 rounds yet passes on talent like Graham (BP or not), Hilton, Pitta, and i won't bother to continue any longer with naming more names.
3) Pathetic performance from the ENTIRE O line.
4) Glad our new Colombo has found his way to this team.
5) So happy they had so much faith in Martin as a LT in the NFL and not a bum on the streets.
6) I love the adjustments we continue to NOT make, great progress, improvement and coaching right there.
7) Back to the same old dolphins.
Cool Glad RT17 throws the deep ball like Henne
9) What is everyones thoughts on Marshall being the only guy in the NFL that would drop balls and wanting him out but as we see now Wallace is the same ****. Who would you rather have had? Wallace or Marshall? NO BRAINER.
10) If we lose to the Bills, you can kiss this season goodbye because we can easily go to 3-5 in the next 2 games.
11) whatever...thanks for ruining my mood Miami Dolphins.

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