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Who is your favorite nonexistent player?

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1Who is your favorite nonexistent player? Empty Who is your favorite nonexistent player? on Fri May 13 2011, 23:56


I have a few of them... I'm the type that likes a good fast quarterback that can move out of the pocket to give my receivers times to break away from their coverage and open up. Because of that, I always needed to find me a QB that had a really good run speed.... which is why in Franchise year one, I traded off Schaub and a draft pick or something and picked up Tebow. Even though Tebow was only a potential B at the time, because he was fast, I was able to do play action, get out of the pocket and fling it down the field. With Tebow I broke nearly every record there was to include making 9 passing touchdowns in 1 game (3 minute quarters).

I knew I was going to have trouble when Tebow retired... and then the answer to my prayers showed up on the form of Levi Temple. FAST quarterback with good throwing skills. He took my team to the Super Bowl every year of his career with my team and won MVP each one of those years. He's ugly as hell, but he sure is awesome.

Temple started getting close to year 10 and I knew his stats were about to take a dive so I started looking for his replacement. I couldnt find a fast QB for a while and ended up having to use the slow, statuesque in the pocket type passer name Daughtery for a year... but then I found him. Abraham. With Abraham I traded off Daughtery even though at the time he was only at 82 OVR. Now he's 88 and tearing up the field whether it be in the air or on the ground. I'm excited to see how he performs for my last 10 years of the franchise!

When it comes to HB's, I wasnt very good at being elusive... so I went for speed. With that said, my 1st year of my franchise I traded around with the Bills and picked up CJ Spiller. WHAT A BEAST! Broke all the records with him and just overall tore up the field. If I read the defense right and stuck with the pitch left.... he was very easily picking up 80+ yard touchdowns. As the announcer would say "The Texans only need 1 play to make it the 80 yards for a touchdown!"... winning!

I was nervous when CJ Spiller started getting close to 10 years... despite still being fast and still tearing up the field, I needed to find a replacement. Who would it be?

There could be only 1. COPELAND

Amazing speed... very elusive... great catcher. Took me to the Super Bowl with the Temple / Copeland combo many times!

After Copeland I ended up with a player name DeMarcus. Reminds me of Copeland... very fast and elusive. Tears up the field, shreds defenses! I picked up a backup HB for DeMarcus... his name is Thompson. He's much more of a Power Back, but I will admit, I have taken it to the house more than once with him when DeMarcus is benched with a quick injury or because he's tired of running up and down the field. He's great for short yardage runs too.

I'd say my favorite WR would have to be Walker. After Andre Johnson, I didnt know if I would be able to find a suitable receiver.... I was wrong. Walker was fast... if he caught a ball and wasnt tackled immediately... it was an automatic 6 points. Was a sad day when it became later in his career and I had to trade him away to get good draft picks for the next year.

This franchise has been a blast and I look forward to finishing it out eventually... hopefully before 2012 comes out. Hopefully the revisions they make in 2012 for the Franchise portion of the game will be awesome! Let's hope so! Twisted Evil

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