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NFL Tribute Videos Rules! Read before posting any videos!

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Rules on posting Tributes to NFL or NCAA superstars.

You can post any tribute you find on Youtube, whether you've made it yourself, or it's simply a decent video.

When you want to share any tributes you find, make a thread stating who the tribute is about. Check to ensure there isn't any tribute threads already based on that player. If not, make your thread. Start of by naming it, for example, "Michael Vick Tribute video" Here you would post your video of Michael Vick.

If there is already a thread on that certain player, simply post the video as a reply to that thread.

If you didn't make the video, please do not claim that you did. Give credit to the Youtube user who made the video, whether they have a FFL account or not.

If you want to post any tributes on any other players that aren't football players, simply post it in the other sports section, and then in the topic with relates. For example, if you want to post a Michael Jordon tribute, locate the basketball section, and post your tribute there.

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