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Koscheck's Heroes

Koscheck's Heroes
The Colts have a ton of injuries and are just generally playing poorly. It doesn't help that there were at least to Pass interference calls that were not called against the Chargers. I hope we can turn this season around, but even if we do make the playoffs I don't think we will last very long.

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The Colts have been up and down lately and have really been hanging in there despite the fact they are missing some key players. However Peyton Manning has been looking like the Peyton of old where he loses it at the end. Hopefully that doesn't mean Peyton is starting to show signs of aging and it is just him forcing passes and try to get the team some wins. It is gonna be a tough road for the Colts in a tough AFC, but they still have some big divisional games and if they win those they should get into the playoffs.


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Koscheck's Heroes

Koscheck's Heroes
I don't really think it is a sign of Manning showing his age honestly. He was doing fine at the start of the season. Our O-line isn't protecting him well, Pierre Garcon isn't in sink with the passes thrown to him, and to many offensive players are hurt right now. If our offense was healthy I believe we would have at least 8 wins by now.

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