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NFL News Rules and FAQs

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Please read our original rules in Forum Administration and in all front page topics before posting in this section, or any other section.

Guidelines for starting a new topic:
1. Check to ensure there isn’t already an existing or similar topic.

2. Create a subject title that accurately describes the topic. Titles like ‘Wow, big trade’ or ‘He got cut’ won’t help anyone and will lead to duplicates.

3. Always post a link to your source and include a brief summary of the news. Don’t just post a link; make sure you include a brief summary. We want to read your views and this will help stimulate great discussions.

4. Only post rumors where you can link to a reputable source. Don’t post rumors you heard on the radio or from your friend or that you made up.

5. The new NFL News forum is only for discussion of reputable news stories. It's not to be used for games, predictions, comparisons, etc.

Guidelines for submitting a reply:
1. Only reply if you have something meaningful to add. One or two word posts, such as ‘Cool’ or ‘Bad trade’, don’t add anything to the news topics. We really want to encourage good discussion and analysis of the news.

2. Keep replies on topic. Reply with your opinion on how the news affects the player or team. Don’t reply with your general opinion on said player or team. For example, if the Cowboys make a trade, a quality response would be ‘this is a bad trade for the Cowboys because….’ A poor reply would be ‘I hate the Cowboys’.

NFL News Forum FAQ

What is the purpose of the NFL News forum and why was it created?
It is simply a forum dedicated to the discussion of NFL News. Nothing else will be discussed or posted here. All other general NFL discussion should be done in the NFL General forum. It was created to separate the NFL news from the general NFL discussions in the NFL forum. News topics would get buried under player comparisons, predictions, rankings, etc and made it difficult for members who used our forums for breaking NFL news. This will now give members and guests one place to look for today’s NFL news. It will become the place on the web for in-depth discussion on breaking news.

Can anyone post in this forum?
Yes. Anyone may start a topic or post a reply. However, please remember to keep all topics related to NFL news and follow these guidelines.

Can I still post news in the NFL General forum?
No. Please keep all NFL news discussion in the new NFL News forum.

Can I post news in the team forums?
Absolutely. In fact we encourage you to use the team forums to discuss news.

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