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Leslie Frazier

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1Leslie Frazier Empty Leslie Frazier on Sun Nov 28 2010, 22:48


Leslie Frazier went into Fedex field and we were all wondering what this man was going to do with a sinking Viking ship. And he plugged some holes.

I like the focus on running game, based on my Peterson man-love, and it really worked even with an injured Peterson. With Favre throwing the way he has been doing the running game needs to be a powerful part of the Vikings offense and I think Frazier knows this.

Hell, Favre even ran for a first down! Obviously Favre has faith in this new coach because he did not half-ass that run.

I'm looking forward to Frazier possibly becoming head coach and more Viking wins.

2Leslie Frazier Empty Re: Leslie Frazier on Sun Nov 28 2010, 22:53


Hopefully Frazier stays head coach next year as well, I'd hate to see Minnesota just use him as a fill in until they can hire a new one.

Frazier should be developing his QBs in order to replace Favre. I'm sure Minnesota already has plans on what they're going to do. Adrian Petterson is pretty damn good, but he can't win games himself.

I suggest Minnesota's first round pick to be a QB...a good one.

3Leslie Frazier Empty Re: Leslie Frazier on Sun Nov 28 2010, 23:00


Yeah. We saw Favre's longevity with that final run.

It did not look good. Impressive, but not the run of an NFL quarterback.

Vikings needs to be looking at those college games for that quarterback they can rely on, possibly next year.

Rest of the team is solid.

4Leslie Frazier Empty Re: Leslie Frazier on Sun Nov 28 2010, 23:20


As a Vikings fan I've been pulling for Frazier to be our next coach or get a job elsewhere in this league. The guy has all the tools to be a great head coach in my mind. He possess a great deal of leadership and he is very Tony Dungy like in his ways of teaching the game. Hopefully he continues his winning ways here in Minnesota and gets that interim tag removed and becomes the next coach for the Vikes.

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