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Franchise with the Saints

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1Franchise with the Saints Empty Franchise with the Saints on Mon Nov 29 2010, 19:46


I've had many franchises, most of them with the Steelers, but with the way Madden has their Franchise set up at this time, it's hard to keep doing the same team, when it gets repetitive. I can keep going with the team, which is one of my goals, but as of now, I'm gonna try all kinds of different teams.

I'm briefly going to explain my previous franchises. One with the Vikings. I made myself as a QB, 99 stats and all. Got rid of Favre, and fired Childress (Sadly, Childress made it longer in my franchise then he did in the actually season of 2010). My usual QB all star breaks all sorts of records his rookie year, and so fourth. I never play with a trade deadline or salary cap, so my team usual becomes pretty kickass after a few years of milking out the off season Free Agents. Eventually I ended it one season, and decided to try a new franchise.

Last year in Madden, my cousin and I wanted to be a team that really sucked, and added us to make it good. I was QB, and he was HB at the time. We we're the Bills. We eventually used moved to team out of Buffalo and into Las Vegas, Nevada, becoming the Las Vegas Rattlesnakes. Awesome team jerseys, colors, and all. This franchise ended when NCAA Football 11 came out.

Back to current times, I made a franchise with Oakland. Me as QB. I did 2 years before moving the city to Las Vegas. Same stuff as before, QB rookie breaking records, yadda..yadda..yadda.

I've finally done something different. Thinking of franchises to do, I thought of the Saints. I like them, and they could use me, but not as QB. I become a HB. What a team. Brews and Sully. 99 stats in all, I broke records like no tomorrow, in first regular season game, I had most rushing yards in a game. I led the league in rushing yards as well. We ended up going to the superbowl, and facing none other, then the Pittsburgh Steelers. This game was a hell of a game, and ended up going into over time 20-20. Pittsburgh get's the coin toss. Ben hikes it, hands it to Mendenhall, and tosses it back to Ben, who throws a perfect pass to Hines Ward, who fights his way into the endzone. A flea flicker to end the Superbowl. Well this was great, but I was being the Saints, and we left sad.

The next year, I have another great season, once again lead the league in rushing yards. We go to the Superbowl, and it's a Superbowl 45 rematch. Saints vs. Steelers. What a game this was. It goes into overtime...17-17. Steelers win the coin toss, and run it down our throats, with Mendenhall getting the win on a 56 yard run. Once again, New Orleans leaves sad.

The 3rd year, I led the league in rushing yards...again. Guess what Superbowl 47 is? Yup. Steelers vs. Saints (I did actually help the Steelers out a little, making sure they made it.) What do you know. It's 17-17 in OT. This time though, New Orleans wins the coin toss. How happy we are! Power O, Brees hands it off to Sullivan, and Sullivan fumbles. Sean Payton not happy with the call on the field, he's going to challenge it. "The ruling on the field, stands as called." To this day, I still believe I was down. Pittsburgh has the ball, and interception by Sharper! New Orleans goes 3 and out, they are going to punt it. Pittsburgh goes 3 and out, there will punt it. Halfback toss to Sullivan, Sullivan breaks a tackle, he breaks another one! He's in the open field, 30, 20, 10, TOUCHDOWN! NEW ORLEANS WINS!!!! 23-17.

I'm currently in my 4th year. Week 4 against the Bills. Me and Drew split the game in half. First half he works on passing yards, second half I work on my rushing yards. It's currently 77-7 with 3:53 left in the 4th quarter.

2Franchise with the Saints Empty Re: Franchise with the Saints on Fri May 13 2011, 23:41


Gotta love those close games! Especially in the Super Bowl!

I think I need to up the difficulty... I've been playing on All-Pro and most of the games are blow outs... I'm scared All Madden is gonna whip my butt tho!!

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