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Is Donovan McNabb the answer?

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1 Is Donovan McNabb the answer? on Mon Nov 29 2010, 12:27


What I'm asking here is do you think Donovan McNabb is the answer to the Redskins problem at QB. The Skins have never really had that franchise QB and it seems they still are having that problem nowadays. The traded for McNabb this past offseason and recently gave him a pretty big deal (which is pretty much a sexy looking one year contract). The Skins had high expectations heading into this season with Mike Shanahan as the new head coach and McNabb as the new QB. However they haven't really lived up to these expectations and they are sitting at 5-6 right now and in a struggle for a playoff spot. It is doubtful they make it this year, so looking forward is all you can do. So those of you out there, is Donovan McNabb the answer to the Redskins woes at QB or will they be looking elsewhere in 2011.

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2 Re: Is Donovan McNabb the answer? on Mon Nov 29 2010, 13:47

I think hes the answer but not the final piece to the puzzle, like hes s great QB but he really has no target to throw to and that always seemed to hurt mcnabb during the season if they can end up picking up a good wr from the draft or trade deal I think that will greatly improve their chances as a great team

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3 Re: Is Donovan McNabb the answer? on Mon Nov 29 2010, 14:46

i think that he is going to be there for next year. but if he has another season like this one. with the INTs i dont see him there after next season. he is getting old. i think they will keep him till he has a bad year, not like this one but a really bad year and if that happens i dont see him on the skins maybe a place like min. just what i think


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