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The NFC West is just BAD!

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1 The NFC West is just BAD! on Mon Nov 29 2010, 12:06


Seriously look at the teams in this division. Not one sticks out as a threat in the NFC and right now the Rams and Seahawks are sitting ugly at the top of the division at 5-6. That's right a losing record. And to think whoever wins tonight's showdown between Arizona and San Fran will be only a game out at 4-7. Obviously that leaves the loser at 3-8, but I don't think you could count them out either. Honestly this division might be the worse in NFL history and will most likely produce a playoff team with a losing record. The Niners are probably the most talented team in the division and if they win tonight it could make them the favors to clinch this bad boy. But who knows, as anyone of these teams could realistically win this thing. With that said, who do ya got?

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2 Re: The NFC West is just BAD! on Mon Nov 29 2010, 15:49

The Rams and Hawks are bad but their getting better. The Rams have pulled a 180 with Bradford and the Seahawks have a great coach and I can see them having a good year next year after the draft

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3 Re: The NFC West is just BAD! on Mon Nov 29 2010, 15:52

yea i have th rams winning. when they drafted Bradford i thought he was going to be a bust but thats not going to happen. he is having a good season with a bad team. they rams are a team to watch for in years to come.


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4 Re: The NFC West is just BAD! on Mon Nov 29 2010, 16:35

the rams aren't really that bad they have a top 10 rb and they have a good Wr that nobody recognizes I think hes working with an okay team but not a bad one.

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