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How good are Da Bears?

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1How good are Da Bears? Empty How good are Da Bears? on Mon Nov 29 2010, 01:32


I find myself doubting the Bears, but that is pretty much because I'm a Vikings fan and I don't want to accept the Bears as a legit contender. However they looked pretty good against the Eagles despite faltering a bit at the end of the game. The defense is playing at a high level and the special teams is one of the best in the league. Offense is alright, but they need to stay balanced if they wanna succeed. Last week I had the Bears as the team missing out in the NFC, but after this win they very well could be the favorites to win the NFC North. Thoughts on Da Bears?

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2How good are Da Bears? Empty Re: How good are Da Bears? on Mon Nov 29 2010, 01:56

i think the bears are going to get the north this season. if they do u seen it here

How good are Da Bears? Stevej
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